KPTA is an independent, Professional and self-sustained testing organization of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which works under the Board of Directors. Its main aim is to conduct transparent tests and assessments for recruitments, admissions, scholarships and promotions purposes.

It is established in response to the emerging outsourcing policies of public and private sector organizations, under the Company Ordinance 1984 regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Our Mission

We are capable to provide services in order to recruit professional to public and private departments/organizations. Having a team of highly professionals, well equipped new and advanced technology system, maintaining top secrecy measures with adequate security arrangements, softness, transparency, efficiency, credibility, reliability and accuracy is the core value to prove KPTA by itself a good name and excellence position recognized from all public and private organizations.



Bring innovative strategies in testing and assessment to achieve international standards in human resource.


To ensure and promote transparency in professional and educational testing and assessment.

Our Core Values


To strive to build meritocracy through hard team work and results.


Transparency and openness is the prime focus of holding ourselves accountable to our esteem stakeholders.



Our efficiency reflects the improved internal processes in terms of management, productivity, quality and profitability..


In all business relationships, we maintain and keep honesty and straight forwardness, our integrity implies not merely honesty, but fair dealing and truthfulness.



Calculated use of our time applied to commitment.


KPTA believe visibility, control and guidance necessary for effective security management.



Our structured and organized policies focus on promoting transparency and accountability in service provisions.


Conflicts of interest, bias are not allowed in any way of business or influence undue or compromise their professional and or business judgment.

Professional Competence and due care

To get acknowledge from the clients/recruiting partners we have to maintain knowledge professionalism and skills at all level of business.


We shall maintain confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and we in any way will not disclose any information to third party without properly authorized concern through court of law and not allowed in any circumstances to use the advantages by taking it personal.

KP TESTING AGENCY HELPLINE : 0912617114 And 0912617060